Florentin Marinescu

Florentin Marinescu

President of the Romania Martial Arts Federation



Dear Ashihara-Karate Friends,


It is our pleasure to invite you to 7th Ashihara Karate WorId Championship on the 3th - 7th of November 2021 in Bucharest, Romania.


For us, the Romanian Federation of Martial Arts, it's an honor and a pleasure to organize, for the 4th time, this competition in Romania and 2nd time in our capital, Bucharest. Bucharest is a beautiful old city, full of history and if you have time, please enjoy it. I'm sure that you will be delighted and very welcomed here.



Let's make this competition a great one, not just one more time, let's make it excellent and memorable to all that participate in it. We want this World Championship to be a great experience that all wish to repeat in the future, and for that, we are counting with you to be present and contribute to it: as athletes, referees, coaches or just supporters of your team. Everyone shall be thinking about joining us in this competition, and I'm looking forward to welcoming you all here in Romania, in Ashihara friendship and may this be a high point of the World Ashihara-Karate life during 2021.



I wish you all a nice journey and a nice stay here in Romania and I wish you the best luck for the competition. We welcome you to the 7th Ashihara Karate World Championship in Romania.