Newsletter #7

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Dear Kancho, Dear Shihan & Dear Sensei,

Great News!

Ashihara Karate World Championship 2021 is broadcasted LIVE for the first time. It's an unique opportunity so we invite you to send the following link to your competitors and to everyone who wants to watch AKWC 2021. By accesing this link, everyone can buy a ticket and watch this competition. The price will be showed in LEI, the national currency and it will cost roughly 23 euros for all 3 competition days. If you want to buy a ticket for only one day then the ticket will cost roughly 12 euros.

The live broadcast program will be:

Thursday - 04 november: starting hour - 12:00

Friday - 05 november: starting hour - 11:00

Saturday - 06 november: starting hour - 10:00

Buy tickets