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Dear Shihan, Dear Sensei,

Here we are, 22 days before starting World Championship for Ashihara Karate and just 2 days before closing the enrollment, so please, if you have not enrolled yet, do that ! We want to let you know that we are in a straight line with preparation and we look forward to welcome you.

Please check the latest news about Covid-19 in Romania:

Don’t forget about the Registration dates:

-14 of October- the last day to enrollment.

-14 of October to 18 of October - During this interval, the lists for verification and confirmation are sent to the branch chiefs.

-21 of October publishing on the official website the final draw for all fighting categories.

If you need some more assistance with registration, accomodation , transport or any request do not hesitate to contact us. Wish you all the best, good and strong trainings, high health and a very positive state of mind !!!

Please visit us on: